Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal by Christopher Botti

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As Botti & Morison continues to educate clients on the benefits of Estate Plans and all of the aspects involved in protecting yourselves and your family members, Christopher Botti has written a comprehensive legal guide: Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal. This eBook contains invaluable information on long-term care estate planning and specifically the Medi-Cal Program and how to protect your assets.

If you aren’t prepared to pay $300,000 for possible long-term care or would like to see how to avoid paying those costs, download the free Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal eBook. See how to achieve peace of mind knowing that you have taken all of the legal steps necessary to position yourself to successfully navigate a long-term care crisis without destroying your nest egg.

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Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal 2024 Book