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Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal


As we continue with our mission to educate our clients on the benefits of Estate Plans and all of the aspects involved in protecting yourselves and your family members, Christopher Botti has written a comprehensive legal guide: Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal. This eBook contains invaluable information on long-term care estate planning and specifically the Medi-Cal Program and how to protect your assets.

Did you know that the primary cause of poverty among those 65 years and over is failing to prepare for an extended nursing home stay or long-term care? Nursing home costs in the state of California average $120,000 per year and the length of stay is 2.3 years* Medicare (a federal entitlement program providing health and medical benefits to those 65 years + who have made social security contributions) requires deductibles as well as co-payments and quite often must be supplemented by private insurance. An option to Medicare and Private Pay insurance is Medi-Cal – IF you meet the eligibility requirements. In this eBook, I outline how you can make this happen!

So, if you aren’t prepared to pay $300,000 for possible long-term care or would like to see how to avoid paying those costs, download the free Understanding Long-Term Care Medi-Cal eBook. See how to achieve peace of mind knowing that you have taken all of the legal steps necessary to position yourself to successfully navigate a long-term care crisis without destroying your nest egg.

*Source: California Partnership for Long-Term Care.